Accurate Media will . . .

★ Copy/Line Edit the final draft of your manuscript to prepare it for publication
★ Ensure consistency, readability, and accuracy
★ Improve the flow and tone of the text of the publication
★ Proofread the publication to ensure there are no glaring errors and that it is as close to perfect as possible

Roger Berwanger

 (Founder/Owner) Accurate Media LLC 2012 to Present
 (Owner) Joan Carol Design Group – 2005 to 2012
 (Owner) Grafik Industries, Ltd – 1998 to 2005

We work as freelancers to eliminate overhead while providing the best advice and best practices possible. We draw upon independent virtual partners for specialized services. Our clients ALWAYS get more for less.

Prior GSA Contracts
GS-03F-0073W (2010-2012) – Trade Show & Event Services
GS-23F-0160K (1998-2010) – Commercial Photography (541-4E),
GS-23F-0160K (1998-2010) – Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services (541-4F)

 541613 – Management Consulting Services
 511210 – Prepackaged Software


★ Editorial Excellence    ★ Easy to talk to   ★ Guaranteed results

Roger Berwanger

— Serial entrepreneur
— Former C-Suite NYSE commercial bank executive
— NASA technology transfer with Texas A&M University
— World Bank Project Finance Bid Coach in Eastern Europe and South Asia and for Fortune 100 companies
— Small business owner